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Watchmen ( 2009 )

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Night Vision v2.3 for iPhone

Mei 17, 2009
While the iPhone is an amazing multipurpose device, one of its weaknesses is a lack of a camera flash. With this application you will be able to take detailed pictures in low light conditions – without the need for flash photography.

Night Vision is extremely easy to use! Take a picture using any of our FOUR amplification modes, and it takes care of the rest.

Using our patent pending algorithm we are able to extract detail out of images that are seemingly "too dark" or lack contrast. With four distinct, individually optimized modes, there is now a choice for virtually ANY environment*. Once a mode is selected, the picture is processed and optimized for the iPhone LCD screen
. Take a look at our sample gallery to see how much difference Night Vision makes!

The Four modes are as follows:
-Night Vision (the original)
-Heat Vision
-"Predator" Spectrum Vision
-Grayscale (by popular demand)


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